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Minutes of the Meeting of February 20th, 2007 Held at the Summerhays Grill

6:45 pm - 9:45 pm
    1. Welcome:
    President Dave Parks, VE3AV, seated at the head table and chairing the evening proceedings, welcomed 31 members to the dinner meeting.

    2. Thanks to Retiring Members.
    On behalf of the Chapter Membership, Dave extended thanks and appreciation for service to retiring executive board members Ernie Brown, VA3OEB and Jim Dean, VE3IQ.

    3. New Executive Board Members
    Dave welcomed new executive board members, Director Robert MacKenzie, VA3RKM and Treasurer Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN.

    4. Introduction of Head Table:
    Dave introduced the head table, as follows: Director, Doug Leach, VE3XK; Chapter Secretary, Tom Bartello, VE3ELM; Chapter Treasurer Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN; guest speaker for the evening, Rick Bandla, VE3CVG, assisted by Ken Asmus, VA3KA. Seated at adjacent tables were Director, Marg Heaslip, VE3EQE; Director Robert MacKenzie, VA3RKM; Vice-President Gus Holtz, VE3VK and Past President Joe Parkinson, VE3JG.

    5. Secretary's Report:
    A) Minutes of the 20 November 2006 Dinner Meeting.
    Tom, VE3ELM, reported that the minutes as posted on the Chapter web site were finalized with no comments from the membership. Tom moved that the minutes be approved, seconded by Ralph Cameron, VE3BBM. Motion carried.
    B) Correspondence.

  • Sent: 1. Chapter 70's QCWA Journal Report for Spring publication.
    (Confirmation of receipt from the General Manager received 13 Dec. 2006).
    2. QCWA Annual Chapter 70 Report: Submitted 10 January 2007.
  • Received: 1. Doug, VE3XK received confirmation of the renewal for the Chapter domain name, (Cost: $8.99 US).

    6. Financial Report:
    A) Finance: Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN, reported a bank balance of $1000.37. This amount was the balance remaining after the purchase of a Laptop Computer, disbursements for Pins, Office Supplies, repairs to audio mixer and minor bank charges. Bryan moved acceptance of the Treasurer's report, seconded by Marg, VE3EQE, Motion carried.
    B) Audit: Bryan reported that the chapter financial books were examined by Keith Bedal, VE3GFI. Keith found them in order noting one correction.

    7. Silent Keys (SKs) and Illness Report
    As reported by Marg, VE3EQE: Ken Willing, VE3CV; Bob Knapp, VE3CDG; John Gilbert, VE3CXL have been reported as being ill. Past President, VE3JG, had successful knee surgery and Gord Curling, VE3KKL, is awaiting surgery.

    8. Update.
    Fee Increases: Dave, VE3AV, reminded everyone of the imminent fee(s) increases for Canadians for QCWA Inc. In particular, the life membership will increase, 1 April 2007 from $60.00 US to $150.00 US.
    Equipment Purchase: Doug, VE3XK, indicated that with the purchase of this Laptop (the last major piece of equipment needed to be self sufficient), Chapter 70 is now fully operational with its own equipment and the need to borrow various items from other clubs is no longer necessary.

    9. Guest Speaker:

  • The guest speaker for the evening was Rick Bandla, VE3CVG, a Chapter 70 member, whose topic was the new D-Star (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio) digital radio communications system originally developed by the Japan Amateur Radio League. Along with his many years of professional work experience in the telecommunication field, Rick's amateur radio experience also encompasses his present endeavour at the Ottawa Amateur Radio Digital Group (OARDG) as a project leader for the implementation of D-Star in Ottawa.

  • There are several D-Star repeater installations in Canada and in the USA, and a rapidly growing number of users. The Ottawa D-Star system, callsign VA3ODG, includes digital 1.2kb data/digital voice repeaters on 2m, 70cm, and 23cm as well as a 128kb/s digital radio on 23cm. The OARDG implementation team expects to have their repeaters operational in April 2007. The gateway equipment, which will enable network connection beyond the Ottawa area, will be operational in May 2007.

  • D-Star uses less bandwidth than FM voice repeaters and includes a simultaneous data stream. D-Star radios have numerous features that make use of the data. Some of these features include call sign display; call sign activated audio, emergency and break-in calling, latitude /longitude display of the far station. The D-Star Gateway permits world-wide connectivity via the internet and also adds features such as digital APRS and short message service. Applications will be added as they become available. D-Star systems can be built using commercial or homebrew equipment and software.

  • D-Star uses a codex known as AMBE for Advanced Multi-Band Excitation and the voice signal is transmitted at 3600 bits/second (3.6 kbps). Terminal emulation software or a web browser can provide additional processing (beyond the radio features) of the data portion of the D-Star signal at the radio end. Other features can be developed and installed in the gateway computer normally associated with one or more repeaters.

  • Assisting Rick in his presentation was Ken Asmus, VA3KA, also a member of the OARDG. Ken demonstated a D-Star Handheld radio.

    10. Adjournment:
    Prior to concluding the evening, the draw(s) for the door prizes and the 50/50 draw were conducted with several lucky winners taking home the various prizes.
    Dave Parks, VE3AV, adjourned the meeting at 9:45 pm.


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