National Capital Chapter 70 - Ottawa, Canada



Minutes of the Meeting of February 21st, 2006
Held at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • President Joe Parkinson, VE3JG, welcomed the 40 members attending the dinner meeting. He introduced the head table which were: Past President Jim Dean, VE3IQ; Secretary Tom Bartello, VE3ELM; Treasurer Dave Parks, VE3AV and Director Doug Leach, VE3XK.
  • Introduction of New Members & Visitors: Joe requested that the new members identify themselves. They were Ying Hum, VA3YH; Ray Perrin, VE3FN and Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC.
  • Silent Keys: Marg Heaslip, VE3EQE, reported on two recent chapter 70 silent keys. They are Bill Rothwell, VE3FGW, and Bill Jeffrey, VE3PTM. Joe noted that it was not very often we had two Silent Keys in such a short time. As such, he requested one minute of silence in rememberance.


  • Joe restated the new web site address for Chapter 70. It is
  • Also don't forget the Thursday morning breakfasts, 9 am at the Embassy West Hotel, 1400 Carling Ave. at Kirkwood. It is a 'meet & greet' open to all hams.
  • Joe reminded everyone that the Chapter is in a recruiting mode and requested that everyone be on the lookout for new members.


    Doug, VE3XK, presented new member pins to Chris Bisaillion, VE3CBK and Frank Stratton, VE3YY. Doug noted he also had a 45 year pin for Paul Reed, VE2LR, who was not present. Joe mentionned that one of the uses of the chapter dues is for the pins presented for every five years as an amateur radio 'op'.


  • Minutes of 17 Nov. 2005 Dinner Meeting. Tom, VE3ELM indicated he had not received any changes to the minutes as previously posted on the chapter web site and, as such, made a motion to accept the minutes as posted. Seconded by Doug, VE3XK. Motion carried.
  • Treasurer's Report. Dave, VE3AV, reported that there was a fair amount of membership renewals this evening, which had yet to be tallied. He expected additional renewals prior to the next dinner meeting. As of 20 Feb. 2006, the bank balance was $2921.00. There are two cheques outstanding, one for flowers on behalf of Bill, VE3FGW, and a second for the donation to the DAR fund on behalf of Bill, VE3PTM. Dave moved acceptance of his report. Seconded by Ken Scrivens, VE3LJ. Motion carried.
  • Correspondence. Tom, VE3ELM, reported the annual Chapter 70 report (2005) requested by HQ was sent 5 January 2006. In progress is a chapter donation on behalf of Bill, VE3PTM, to be reported on at the next dinner meeting.
  • Received one thank you note for the $25.00 donation to the CNIB on behalf of Jim Swail, VE3KF, and one thank you card from Mrs. Lorraine Rothwell on behalf of Bill Rothwell, VE3FGW. E-mails have been sent to HQ advising of the Silent Keys as mentionned above.
  • QCWA Activities.
  • George Roach, VE3BNO, reported Gord Grant, VE3DY and Croft Taylor, VE3CT mobile W4, are both doing fine. Our Snowbirds are very happy.
  • A reminder that the QCWA ssb net is on 20m, 14.347 MHZ every Sunday at 2000Z. The cw net is on 80m, 3535 khz. Wednesday, 8 pm local.
  • Coming events: April 1st, QCWA QSO Party (commencing 1800Z for 24 hours); Sept. 28-30 QCWA Calgary Convention.
  • Membership Report. Tom, VE3ELM reported that the present membership, considering the recent Silent Keys and new members, totals 73.

    Guest Speaker

  • The guest speaker for the evening was Doug, VE3XK, who gave a Power Point presentation which covered a brief history of QCWA, Chapter 70, the various programs and activities of QCWA including the Journal, Hot Line and QSO Parties, weekly QCWA nets and the operating and honour awards and available membership supplies. The Chapter 70 quarterly dinner meetings, weekly informal buffet breakfasts and weekly 2M Chapter 70 nets was also covered. The talk finished with how to identify and invite prospective QCWA and Chapter 70 members - the membership and subscription options, the application forms and how to process them.
  • Joe, VE3JG, thanked Doug for his excellent presentation.

  • George, VE3BNO, reminded members of the up-coming vote for the new QCWA Board of Directors and the importance of Canadian participation.
  • Adjounment. A motion was made to conclude the evening meeting. Carried..

Joe Parkinson  (VE3JG)                                                              Tom Bartello (VE3ELM)
President  613 225-8998    WebPage -      Secretary 613 256-5146
49 Inverness Ave.                                                                   124 Corkery Woods Dr..
Ottawa, ON., K2E 6N6         VE3QCW on Thursday. 2000 hrs 147.300(+) (VE3TWO)       Carp, ON., K0A 1L0

Thursdays at 0900 hrs - Breakfast Embassy West Motor Hotel - Consulate Cafe


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