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Minutes of the Meeting of February 15th, 2005
Held at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • With 43 members and 2 guests in attendance, President Joe Parkinson, VE3JG welcomed all to the dinner meeting. He introduced the head table which were, Past President Jim Dean, VE3IQ; Vice-President Gus Holtz, VE3VK; Treasurer Dave Parks, VE3AV; Secretary Clare Fowler VE3NPC, and Director Doug Leach, VE3XK.
  • A special welcome was extended to new member Brian Martin, VE3IX and to member George Adamson VE3XS, and his wife Marion.
  • Those noted as in ill health were Bill Bruyn, VE3JBW; Bill Wilson, VE3NR; and Clay Hiltz, VE3TL.


  • Renewal forms for HQ QCWA and the Journal are available from the secretary, VE3NPC. They are also on the web site for downloading. Currently 26 members are subscribing to the Journal and others are encouraged to do so, as it is a good magazine,.
  • All are invited to come to the very informal Thursday morning breakfast at the Embassy West Hotel.
  • Chapter 70 history books are available from Keith, VE3GFI for $10.00 and updates for $1.00.
  • This years dinner meetings are scheduled for Tuesdays May 17, Sept. 29, and Nov. 15. Mark your calendar.
  • An invitation to join 73 for their dinner meeting on May 7th was extended to members and details of location and time can be obtained from Joe, VE3JG or Croft, VE3CT.


  • In the history of QCWA in Canada only two 75 year plaques have been awarded; the first to Jim Cooper, VE3CR of Toronto and now the second one to our own George Adamson, (photo)VE3XS. Doug, VE3XK made the presentation of the plaque and certificate.
  • Doug VE3XK then presented the QCWA Meritorious Award to Ed VE3GX and Doreen, VE3CGO Ed & Doreen Morgan "In grateful appreciation for their untiring and devoted efforts and services to the association during many dedicated years. In recognition for distinguished service during this period the association is proud to present this award as a token of appreciation".


  • It was moved by Ken, VE3VC seconded by Ken, VE3PU that the minutes of the meeting of Nov. 16, 2004 be approved. Carried.
  • Dave VE3AV, in his treasurer's report, noted that Joan VE3ZC had audited the books for 2004. She reported that the books were in good condition prior to turning them over from Keith, VE3GFI to Dave, VE3AV. The bank balance of Feb. 2, 2005 was $5822.45. This includes our proceeds from the convention. Membership renewals for 2005 will increase this amount. Dave, VE3AV moved, seconded by Croft, VE3CT that the treasurer's report be accepted. Carried.
  • It was moved by Jim, VE3IQ, seconded by Keith, VE3GFI that Joan be given a vote of thanks for doing the audit. Carried.
  • Clare VE3NPC reported that the Chapter 70 membership is now 77. About half so far have paid their 2005 dues.


  • Clare, VE3NPC, introduced the speaker Fred Green VE3IO. Fred was born and raised on a farm near Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. He taught in a rural school for a few years. He then went to the University of Saskatchewan and got a degree in arts and engineering physics. After that he joined the navy on loan to the British. On returning from the war he went to the University of Toronto where he got his masters degree. He then went to work for the Defence Research Board where he worked until he retired. He got his amateur license in 1938 and has been active on the air since that time, keeping skeds with his brother Basil, who is still on the farm near Moose Jaw.
  • With the aid of overhead slides Fred led us through the development of hybrid electric vehicles. He is a strong advocate of hybrid electric vehicles as a means of reducing pollution. He has been driving pure electric driven vehicles since 1975. He believes amateurs are prime candidates to own and drive electric cars. Amateurs know about high voltage, know about batteries and how to connect things up. There is now a lot of advertising about hybrid cars which the auto makers fought for a long time. The first hybrid car was made in the US in 1895. The second was made in Canada in 1917. There are now hybrid busses running in Vancouver, New York and other American cities. Honda has the Insite automobile, which is a simple hybrid where the electric motor only assists the gas motor when extra power is required. The Toyota Prius hybrid is an unusual car. It has a gas engine, a generator, a power splitting device and an electric motor. The electric motor is a permanent magnet AC synchronous motor. DC power from the batteries is converted to variable frequency AC to feed the motor. It also has a continuously variable transmission. Ford has the SUV Escape, which uses the same system as Toyota. The problem with the Toyota Prius is that the battery, on its own, will only drive the car for about 2 miles. Fred advocates adding additional batteries and plugging them in to charge them. You can then run around town for miles on only battery power. A big advantage of electric motors is their durability. They have only one moving part and last for years and years without any maintenance. Technical advances that are being developed and evaluated for use in electric vehicles are lithium ion batteries, super capacitors and new high efficiency solar cells that respond to infra red are under development at the University of Toronto.
  • Doug, VE3XK thanked Fred for his very timely, informative and interesting talk.

  • Keith, VE3GFI then reviewed information that is available to club members on our Chapter 70 web site. By clicking on the various buttons you can get the minutes of the last meeting or previous meetings, Chapter 70 membership requirements and HQ and Chapter 70 membership forms, the constitution, and equipment inventory forms. The present executive, with pictures of each one are there and in the archives the executives back to 1974, a whole lot of external links, QSO party results, and a very important one, the current membership list indicating if your dues are up to date.

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