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Minutes of Meeting Feb. 19th, 2002 Green Valley Restaurant

  • With 45 members and guests in attendance Gerry King VE3GK welcomed all and introduced the head table which included new Vice President Gus Holtz VE3VK and new Director Ted Turner VE3LV. Gerry thanked retiring executive members Bob Zieman VE3ATN and Ken Scrivens VE3LJ, who is absent with a cold, for the service they have provided to the club. Guests were Gerry's daughter Heather and her spouse Paul and Gerry's son David and his spouse Mary Anne.


  • Unfortunately we have a silent key - Charles Jackson VE3FRN who passed away on December 5th, 2001. In ill health are Bob Knapp VE3CDG, John Athey VE3GX and Herb Morrison VE3HMF.
  • Keith VE3GFI reported that we have 93 members listed but it includes 18 who have not yet paid their 2002 dues and he will accept any renewals.
  • Gerry VE3GK noted that our income from dues now does not match our expenses. He suggested that members, when they pay their $8.00 dues with a $10.00 bill, should perhaps decline to accept the $2.00 change and save Keith a lot of trouble. The $8.00 goes to cover donations to charities in memory of deceased members, an annual donation of $100 to the CNIB, the cost of dinner for speakers and copying and mailing meeting minutes.
  • Our Constitution is available on the web, or a hard copy can be obtained from the web master Keith VE3GFI.
  • Estate Forms are also available for downloading from the Chapter 70 web page. Members should fill out one of these forms as an aid to your family to give them some idea of what it is worth.
  • Keith VE3GFI reported several changes had been made to the Web Page - Some links have been removed as they no longer worked. The opening page has been revised to provide a minimum of information but with links to obtain more details on items of interest. You can go to the membership file and find out if you are paid up or not. There are also links to the minutes of the last meeting and to the notice of the next meeting. Year 1999 has now been added to the history information. The QCWA HQ application form is now available for downloading from the web page. As well, the code of ethics for radio amateurs, proposed in Feb 1994 by Bill Wilson VE3NR, can be viewed by clicking on the link in the left-hand side panel.

    Business of the Annual General Meeting:

  • Motion to approve the Minutes of the November 13, 2001 Annual General Meeting was made by Jim Dean VE3IQ, seconded by Joan Powell VE3ZC. Carried.
  • Clare VE3NPC noted that members who used the web page to obtain the minutes helped our budget by saving the costs of stationery and postage. Those who have e-mail addresses were sent an advance notice of the next meeting. Correspondence received were e-mail replies from Ralph VE3BBM saying that he was overseas and could not make the meeting; from Gord VE3DY in Florida wishing us all well; from Brice VE3EDR and Harry VE3HHS indicating they were unable to make it and from John VE3AVI who is also in Florida. A letter of thanks was received from the CNIB thanking us for our donation. A letter of condolence was sent to family of Charles Jackson VE3FRN and a letter along with a donation was sent to the Canadian Cancer Society in his memory. A card was received from the family of Ron Archer VA3RA thanking us for our letter and our donation to the Canadian Diabetic Association.
  • George VE3BNO reporting on HQ activities noted we had a new treasurer after the ex treasurer resigned for personal reasons. The person filling in is the only one running for treasurer in the upcoming election in June for which we should soon be receiving the ballots. George VE3BNO is again running for director and would appreciate your vote. This year's convention is in Orlando Florida in the second last week of October.
  • Ted VE3LV has taken over the History Project from Bob VE3ATN. A draft has been completed and proof reading is underway including identifying people in pictures. A draft booklet was shown. He is hoping to have it in color and trying to produce a booklet that can be sold for about $5.00. The cover will be in color and Ted is proposing that the cover picture be one of Doug VE3XK presenting a 65 year pin to "Doc" Plummer VE3MA. He has the lowest living member QCWA number 2529, which is the second lowest number in Canada. No definite date for publishing has been made but Ted hopes it will not be long.

  • A Treasurer's Report was presented by Keith VE3GFI
                        Bank Balance on November 21, 2001                $1874.50
                        Receipts                                           212.83
                        Expenditures                                       120.37
                        Bank Balance on February 19, 2002                $1966.96
    Motion of acceptance of the Treasurer's Report was made by Keith VE3GFI; seconded by George VE3BNO.

    Guest Speaker

  • Our Guest Speaker, Gerry King VE3GK was introduced by Jim VE3IQ. He has known Gerry since 1967 and he was hard to keep up with then and he is hard to keep up with now. He was VE3BSD, then VE3LX, and now VE3GK. Gerry is a teacher and has always been interested in new things. Gerry likes a technological challenge and has gotten into the business of making web sites.
  • Gerry VE3GK emphasized that many people in the room were much more capable than he was of making web sites but he was going to describe how he makes his web site. He knew nothing about it when he started so what you see is what you get. With Power Point, a projector and screen Gerry opened his presentation with his familiar animated bear mascot which is the only UFO flying object he has on the site.
  • There are two kinds of web sites. Some are very beautiful but the content is about their cats and dogs and scenery. Gerry's web site is about his many projects. His web page is unorthodox and different. Since July 1999 he has had 36,150 visitors so lots of people are interested in his site. He has had over 1000 checkins to his guest book and people have written him from all over the world. There is a web site that has a contest to compare web sites. Gerry came in second, i.e. second last out of 275. But Gerry is not there for a nice web site but to provide information.
  • When people open with the URL, it goes to his server and it comes up with index .HTML which is his home page. All of his pictures are hyperlinked. He uses FTP, which is a program, which easily uploads and downloads documents from the server. Hyperlinks appear in blue and clicking on them allows you to go back to where you started, which is very important on a web page. One type of web page is an HTML page, which has a lot of text on it and has holes for images. The HTML pages are the master pages that call up the images. He has a cache of images that he uses on the site. Most of the pictures were put on with a scanner but now he uses his digital camera to take pictures of pictures, which come out beautifully.
  • His second page is a frames page and this is the link page. The various articles that he wrote for TCA are available. His newest projects are listed on top. On this page are three entities. The background, which is a map of the world, and tables with cells, any of which can be changed. Gerry demonstrated how he could change the color in any of them. He opened up a new blank page with tools at the top. By selecting tables, two rows and two colunms come up as the default. By using the cursor he can insert a picture from his large file of thumbnail sketches. Using his cursor he arranged and sized the selected pictures, which were of his beam rotator.
  • When he first started he became so frustrated having to use long file addresses. Using the page properties and background file and clicking it into a watermark you can enable hyperlink role overs. He then inserted title captions demonstrating using different fonts, print size, color and location on the page. He then saved the page including the images. Gerry uses IGS as his host and has used up 30 megabytes of the 50 megabytes of space available.
  • He then gave an audio and video presentation of the antenna rotor he is now working on, operating in his workshop. Also an audio recording of a long path contact QSO while showing an image of his stacked array.
  • In answer to a question he indicated that the program he works with is called Front Page 2000 which is part of Microsoft Office. He finished with the picture of his sky needle at the cottage and how he had layers of pictures showing it in more detail. He remarked that he gets lots of e-mail questions about it, including "asking him to explain why was he walking on the boom when he had seven children?"

  • Gus VE3VK thanked Gerry for his presentation.

Gerry King  (VE3GK)                                                                 Clare Fowler (VE3NPC)
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