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Minutes of Meeting Feb. 20th, 2001 Green Valley Restaurant

  • With 36 in attendance, President Gerry King VE3GK welcomed all including guests Frances Cartwright VA3FEC and XYL's Joyce Weist and Ethel Swail. Guest speaker Alan Goodacre VE3XH and new members of Chapter 70 Joe Parkinson VE3JG and Marg Heaslip VE3EQE were warmly greeted. Gerry explained the serving routine at the Green Valley.


  • Gerry VE3GK thanked those who have paid their 2001 membership and reminded the members that the 2001 dues should be paid as we need the money to cover mailing costs. Gerry noted that Chapter 70 has one of the lowest membership representations in the QCWA organization. He strongly urged membership to consider the QCWA lifetime membership of US$60 as it is one of the lowest. We would like to get a better representation at the national level.

  • In ill health are Stan Hill VE3DQ and Phil Robinson VA3PR. Hopefully we will see them at our next meeting. If anyone knows of any illness or silent keys please let a member of the executive know.

  • We are the best recruiters for our chapter. Inform your Amateur friends about Chapter 70. Bring them along to a meeting! Remember guests are welcomed at any time.

  • Chapter 70's web site with web master Keith Bedal VE3GFI is terrific. An updated Constitution is on the web site. A hard copy is also available from the secretary. The web site has been changed to a frames format with a header, a footer and a side index making it easier to find a file. The November minutes are now in the archives. Chapter 70's web site is:-

  • The Quarter Century Wireless Association Century Certificate is available to those whose age plus number of years as a member of QCWA Inc. equals 100 or more. Anyone who wishes to apply for this certificate, please notify the executive and we shall order for you.

  • The next meeting is planned for May 15th, 2001.


  • Motion by George Roach VE3BNO to approve the Minutes of the Nov. 21st, 2000 meeting, as written; seconded by Ed Sieb VE3ES. Carried.

  • Keith VE3GFI presented a Treasurer's Report.
              Bank Balance on Dec.31, 2000                         $1459.96
              Receipts                                             $ 104.31
              Expenditures                                         $  68.08
              Bank Balance on Feb. 20, 2001                        $1496.19
    Expenditures:-  Postage $20.19;  Photocopying $9.11;  Office Supplies  $38.78.
    Motion of acceptance was made by Keith VE3GFI and seconded by Graham Ide  VE3BYT. Carried.
  • Keith VE3GFI advised that the QCWA Cruise is scheduled for Oct 27th to Nov 4th on Holland America MS Westerdam. Leaving from Fort Lauderdale. It will stop at five islands; Nassau, Bahamas; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Philipsburg, St. Maarten; St John & St Thomas, USVI; and a day at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. Highlight of the cruise will be a tour of the observatory in Puerto Rico. He has copies of the application forms, which are in the Journal and also on the web page, as well as copies of the itinerary.

  • George VE3BNO reported on the QCWA international net that meets on Sunday afternoon at 3:00 PM on 14.347 Mhz. You can book youself in via e-mail to An item that is of very current interest; should QCWA allow associate members, or friends of QCWA or QCWA guests? The constitution is very clear; you cannot belong to a QCWA chapter unless you are a member of QCWA International and have a QCWA membership number. Over the years the rules have been bent with some chapters allowing people in with members paying only chapter dues. Another trend is for people to join QCWA International and then stop paying their dues but continuing on as chapter members. This is of concern as the membership is declining going from about 8000 to about 6000 members. This matter was opened up in order to get more people into the chapters. There should be some category to recognize amateurs who have 15 or 20 years of service and who are potential members when they attain 25 years as an amateur. What was proposed at the Toronto meeting was that there be a second grade of membership for people who were not yet eligible for QCWA membership. The day they became eligible with 25 years as a licensed amateur, and they did not join QCWA International, they woul be out of the chapter. This is generating a lot of controversy. We have in our own chapter several members who are not members of QCWA International and who pay chapter dues but in no way contribute to QCWA. The chapters existence depend on QCWA. If QCWA does not exist the Chapters do not exist. At some point a stand will have to be taken. Either enforce the rules or change the constitution.

    Guest Speaker

  • Alan Goodacre VE3HX was introduced by Gerry King VE3GK. Alan was first licensed as VE7AIZ and he became interested in long delayed echoes. Another project is working with Ralph VE3BBM measuring the field intensity of radio transmissions resulting in causing interference.

  • Long delayed echo was first discussed in 1927. In 1928 echoes from a Dutch station on 30 meters running 10 kW were heard in Norway. Delays were in the range of from 4 to 15 seconds. An early explanation was that the signals were somehow stored in the dense region of electrons in the ionosphere. But the problem with this is that the signal would be dissipated. A signal travels around the world in about 138 ms. Around the world signals have caused problems to RTTY. Two and three trips have been counted and they decrease in intensity due to attenuation. OZ9CR heard 5 second delay echoes while doing moon bounce on 1296 MHz. Around the world transmission mechanisms do not account for such long delays. VE3AUM while doing moon bounce to a ZL0 noted a delayed signal. While doing moon bounce Alan recorded on tape long delayed echoes. But at the time they were suspect as they could be the result of tape overprint. Later he more closely examined his strip chart recordings of the same event and found his 6 pulse bursts were repeated 5.7 seconds later. During a 10 meter contest in the 70's Alan ended his contact with the familiar dit dit which was followed by WA7NXL's dit dit. However a third dit dit was heard 2-1/2 seconds later. The did dit time spacing of the delayed dits matched those of WA7NXL.

  • Alan wrote a paper, that was published in Nature describing the long delay echoes of several seconds he had heard and recorded speaking the word Tango. Analysis of the times indicated no relationship to the 138 ms round the world quantum. Echoes on 75 meters were heard simultaneously by several amateurs in Seattle. Keyer bursts were sent while spinning the dial. The delayed signal tracked. The delay time was around 230 ms. The mechanism for these medium delay signals is understood from work done by the ISIS topside ionospheric sounder where echoes were heard. Analysis showed that the signals were going up into space and being propagated along the earth's magnetic field lines, going down to the southern hemisphere, reflecting off the top side of the ionosphere and coming back. The delay of these kinds of echoes depends on your location. From the Ottawa area they are in the range of 0.3 to 0.4 seconds. Space is full of particles. There is something there that guides the signals along the geomagnetic field.

  • At 85 degrees North the delay time is 15 seconds because the magnetic field lines become longer and longer as you go farther North. Some sort of propagation along magnetic field lines could probably explain not only the Seattle observations but also some of the other observations.

  • Alan is going to do more experiments this summer at his property 100 miles North of Ottawa, which is very quiet electrically. He has a two times four element 10 meter array he can elevate and rotate. He tape-records his transmissions and any received signals along with a time signal. Analysis is done with a convolution process on the computer, which brings very weak signals out of the noise. His experience is that in operating for an hour he will get one or two hits.

  • George Roach VE3BNO, on behalf of the audience, thanked Alan for a very interesting presentation.

  • Motion for adjounment made by Ken Pulfer VE3PU; seconded by Ed Morgan VE3GX. Carried.

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