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Minutes of Meeting         Feb. 16th, 2000      Carlingwood Family Restaurant

On a snowy day in Ottawa, 35 were in attendance. President Jim Dean VE3IQ welcomed members.


  • 21 members still have not paid their year 2000 membership. If you are one of the 21, see our Treasurer Joan Powell VE3ZC. The dues are $8.00.

  • Unfortunately we have 2 silent Keys - Bill Sullivan VO1AI who passed away on January 13 and Don Bower VE3BEF who died of cancer February 13. (A letter of condolence has been sent to Mrs. Sullivan and a donation to the Cancer Society in memory of Bill on behalf of the club by Joan VE3ZC).

  • On the sick list are Bill Marsh VE3SB, Eli Desson VE3PI, Carl Everson VE3BYX and Herb Morrison VE3HMF who are not feeling quite up to par. Ken Scrivens VE3LJ, as noted by Keith Bedal VE3GFI, is recovering from an operation and will be coming to the May meeting.
    It was noted with pleasure that George Collins VE3FJO, who was in attendance at the dinner meeting, has now been given "a clean bill of health".

  • Our members are the best recruiters for our Chapter. More members are always welcome, so bring your Amateur Radio friends along to a dinner meeting. The third Wednesday of February, May, September and November are our meeting nights.
    At this Carlingwood restaurant, to eliminate climbing stairs, there is a washroom available to us on the main floor in the mall, down the hall, on the left hand side.

  • Ralph Cameron VE3BBM, although not available tonight, will continue to be our QCWA Scholarship Fund Chairman. Nominations closure for these scholarships is April 30th. Any licenced Amateur taking post-secondary education and sponsored by a QCWA International member may apply. Any who are interested should contact Ralph. Information is available on our web page. (Nineteen $1000 US scholarships are available.)

  • Remember to check our web site at You will find good information there and those who are not now receiving mailed minutes should remember to read the meeting's minutes at that address.

  • Our web master Keith VE3GFI is constantly updating and including additional information on our web site. In May Keith will attend Chapter 73's meeting. Pins advertising the QCWA Toronto 2000 International Convention at a cost of $5.00 each will be available. Any wishing to obtain one of these pins should contact Keith. A calendar produced by Keith, as a reminder of Chapter 70's dinner meetings, will be sent via e-mail to those on our roster having e-mail addresses.

  • For a table or further information concerning the OVMRC flea market on May 6th, contact John Barnhardt VE3ZOV coordinator, at

  • For any who would like to have them, QCWA Journals for the years 1993-94 are available from Fred Green VE3IO.

  • George Roach VE3BNO promoted the QCWA QSO Party taking place on March 11th at 1900 hrs UTC running for 24 hours, with the same format as last year. The exchange is the last two numbers of the year you received your licence, your RST report and your chapter/state or country. It's a relaxed party and it would be nice to have more Chapter 70 members making contacts and sending in their logs even it it's for only 5 or 6 contacts. Use phone and/or CW with doubling the points on CW.

  • The QCWA 2000 Convention will take place in Toronto on Thanksgiving weekend. On Friday and Saturday papers will be presented and organized tours will be conducted. There will be a banquet on Saturday night. On Sunday, tours, for those who stay, will be to Niagara Falls and to the Fred Hammond Museum. Friday has a tour of the CN Tower including the broadcast transmitters which are not generally open to the public.

  • The next meeting is Wednesday May 17th.


  • Motion to approve the Minutes of the November 17th, 1999 Annual General Meeting as written was made by Doreen Morgan VE3CGO, seconded by Bill Wilson VE3NR. Carried.

  • A Treasurer's Report was presented by Joan Powell VE3ZC.
              Bank Balance on November 17, 1999        $4227.26
              Receipts                                   554.34
              Expenditures                               778.02
              Bank Balance on Nov. 17th, 1999          $4003.58
    Note that $3610.00, from Gerry Harbottle's estate -$732.80 = $2877.20
    Chapter 70's balance minus Gerry Harbottle's estate = $1126.38
    Motion of acceptanace was made by Joan VE3ZC and seconded by Fred Green VE3IO. Carried.
    The $732.80 is the cost of the $500.00 US sent to the QCWA Scholarship Fund by Jim VE3IQ on behalf of Chapter 70 in memory of Gerry Harbottle, as agreed with his family.

  • President of OVMRC Susan Mogenson VE3MOG and Glen McLeod VE3GLN have suggested a combined club effort for this year's Field Day. By a show of hands it was decided that Chapter 70 not participate as a club. Many of our members do belong to the other clubs and will be helping on their behalf.

  • George VE3BNO reporting on Headquarter activities mentioned the proposal by Chapter 123 to hold next year's International Convention on a cruise, sailing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for 3 or possibly 7 days.

  • As a Director of QCWA International, George VE3BNO presented Year Pins to Mike Rowlands VA3MR for 40 years, and to George Collins VE3FJO for 35 years in Amateur Radio.

Guest Speaker

  • Our Guest Speaker, Nenad Stevanovic VE3EXY was introduced by Jim VE3IQ as having made his first QSO in 1965. He still retains the call 4N7ZR and was a packet radio pioneer in YU during the 80's. He was a founding member of the Capital Region DX Club. Nenad, who has had ten years of participation in the YU QSL Bureau, is now the Outgoing QSL Manager for the Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) and is a member of Chapter 70.
  • As Nenad VE3EXY says the beginning is having your QSL cards printed, filling them out and sending them to the Bureau. The Bureau, having received 211.943 kg. of cards from Canadian Amateurs in the period September to December, 1999, mailed 178.525 kg. to other QSL Bureaus on their behalf!
  • Packaging, sorting and administration are the three main areas involved, and now with computers the latter is more easily undertaken. A metered box for postage, thereby not becoming involved with money, has increased efficiency. Frequency of mailings is another change being incurred. Cost effectiveness is always being considered. Various sized packages are allowed by Canada Post, so efficiency is achieved by optimizing on the exact weight.
  • This outgoing QSL service is free to Canadian resident RAC members and RAC affiliated club stations. Checking for membership is one requirement necessary on outgoing cards. When the sender has arranged his/her cards properly, then the sorting is at a minimum. However others can take a great deal of time when databases for all over the world must be checked for QSL managers.
  • Most countries have but one QSL Bureau, but there are exceptions. Outgoing cards preferably should be arranged by bureaus when being sent to RAC.
  • The QSL Bureau web page can be found at and a new addition may be the QSL feature of the Month.
  • Nenad speculated about the future of QSLing. Because of the high cost of postage, the future may see QSL cards exchanged via electronic means. You would send by e-mail to your outgoing Bureau which in turn would send the computerized version to the proper Incoming Bureau. At that point the computerized card can be sent via electronic means to its destination, or if not possible, a printout could be made. The Bureaus may be the contact points or maybe not bureaus at all, but clubs or individuals. So the future could see many changes in the way of QSLing!

  • Bob Zieman VE3ATN thanked Nenad for his presentation and for giving us a better understanding of the workings of the RAC Outgoing QSL Bureau.
  • It was noted that on a Tuesday night, usually about the middle of the month, George VE3BNO and Jack Tennant VE3AHZ can be found helping Nenad package outgoing QSL cards. A call sometimes goes out for assistance. Maybe you'd like to help!

Motion for adjournment at 2140 hrs was made by Bill Wilson VE3NR; seconded by Bill Monuk VE3BDK. Carried.

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