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Welcome to the QCWA National Capital Chapter 70 History in electronic form. 

Using this electronic medium in place of a printed book allows us to provide a large number of colour photographs that could not be included in an affordable book printed in our small volume. It also allows us to keep the history current soon after each dinner meeting. 

The previous printed history book included a number of sections that were already on the Chapter 70 web site so are not  duplicated here - Former Executive Officers, Silent Keys, and the Chapter 70 Constitution. Other sections in this web site that were not in the previous printed history book include Current Members, All-Time Members, Guest Speakers and Presentations. You can replay at home previous presentations. 

Please note that the Meeting Summaries shown in the Chapter 70 1974-1999 History book and in these web site additions for the Year 2000 onward are excerpts from the formal minutes recorded for a particular dinner meeting by the then current Secretary and approved by the members at the subsequent dinner meeting. For full details please consult the actual minutes document linked from the web site Minutes Archive page.


You can selectively print out any photos or text of particular interest. 

Using the SEARCH feature of your browser you can locate appearances of a name of interest. To return to the previous page from a photograph being displayed, just click on your browser's BACK button. 

Since CRT and LCD displays vary in resolution there is no "one size fits all" so you may need to zoom in or out to display a photograph properly on your screen. You will find Zoom under Page on your browser Status Bar. Ctrl + zooms in or increases picture size and Ctrl - zooms out or reduces picture size. The right side of the lower bar displays percent screen size. Some photographs were originally provided with low resolution and can only be displayed without distortion in a small size. Our meeting rooms are often so dark that even photo-editing software cannot adequately compensate. As we gain experience through quicker postings this aspect will improve.

Remember to use the Refresh feature of your browser to ensure you are viewing the latest version of any page.


Thanks to Ken Pulfer VE3PU for the idea that converting to an electronic format would have benefits to the members as well as simplifying the production and reducing costs and risks. 

The tireless effort of many Chapter 70 Executive over the years made the dinner meetings interesting and informative. We could not have a Chapter 70 history without the great work of the Chapter 70  secretaries over the years. They wrote the meeting minutes from which the history summaries were created. The minutes themselves, though essential starting points, are too detailed, so must be further summarized for comfortable reading. That was the work of the Chapter 70 Historians, including Carl Everson VE3BYX and Doreen Morgan VE3CGO, who produced much of the summary material in the History Book and this update.

Without the talent and effort of the photographers over the years whose work illustrated the original History Book, that book would not have been so enjoyable. The photos of our present and departed friends are what made it interesting. Our 21st century photographers, with their digital cameras included Keith Bedal VE3GFI, John Barnhardt VE3ZOV, and Don Heaslip VE3NJH (SK). Their work  provided you with the hundreds of colour photos presented here. We wish there could have been more photos to include. If you have any for the meetings that have no photos shown we will be very happy to receive copies from you.

Last, because their contribution must follow all the others, credit also goes to the production team for the original History Book, including the late Ted Turner VE3LV (SK) who finally got it to press. For this electronic Chapter 70 history, Ken Pulfer VE3PU proposed the concept and put a lot of time into assembling the photo files, and Doug Leach VE3XK linked them to the associated text, created the final layout, and continues to produce the Meeting Summaries and Event Photo updates. 



Last modified: September 18, 2014