Minor (Jack) Tennant VE4AHZ (ex VE3AHZ) QCWA #22306


Grew up in rural Saskatchewan.


Education / Employment History

Attended high school in rural Saskatchewan.

Enlisted in Army in January, 1942.

Trained at Vimy Barracks in Kingston as Wireless Operator. Sent overseas to England and joined a Signals Section supporting the 12th Field Regiment. Went on training exercises and on 4 June 1944 was issued a special backpack 2-channel radio and special code card. Boarded ship 5 June 1944 and arrived off Normandy coast around 5 AM. Boarded landing craft for Graye sur Mer (part of Juno Beach). Accompanied Battalion HQ Group led by Commanding Officer of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles. Came under mortar fire, wounded and radio set damaged and inoperable. Reported to First Aid Post and returned to England for hospital treatment. Returned to Normandy two weeks later and continued tour of Western Europe until war end.

Served in the military communications environment until retirement from the Canadian Forces. Post war service in Paris, UNEF Gaza, and Canadian Control Commission in Viet Nam and Cambodia. Served in Canada as Supervisor of Communications Centres in various locations and retired in 1977 with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer.

Recognizing Jack's participation in the D-Day 1944 landings, a 2014 letter from Philippe Zeller, Ambassador of France to Canada, advised Jack that he has been nominated to receive the rank of Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honour, the highest of France's national orders, to be presented in a later ceremony. The letter states that the award "attests to your courage and your devotion to the ideals of liberty and peace".


Amateur Radio History 

Initially licensed as VE3DAF in London, Ontario in 1948. Issued many different callsigns while in military including: VE4AE in Winnipeg, VE3FFW in Ottawa, VE3FFW/SU in UNEF Rafah Egypt, VE6ARX in Edmonton, VO1IE in St Johns, VE2BWG in Montreal, VE3AHZ in Ottawa and now VE4AHZ in Winnipeg. Enjoyed portable operations as guest in St Pierre and on three occasions in France.

Now main interests are operation in CW,SSB, PSK, RTTY. Have had brief contacts with MIR and the International Space Station.

Member of Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society, and Winnipeg Seniors Amateur Radio Club. Involved in Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System as CIW 645 and CIW 715. Provided phone patch service to Canadian UN personnel serving out of Canada and now as a service to assist in civil emergencies.


Joined QCWA and Chapter 70 in 1989, following introduction by Bud Jones VE3ET. Served as Chapter 70 President 1996/1997. Presented with 50 and 60 Year Golden Certificates and Year pins in 1998 and 2008 respectively.

Biography prepared by VE4AHZ assisted by VE3XK                                                                                rev 2014/11/30