Eddy grew up in Holland


Education / Employment History

1943-1945 - Bloemsma  Radio College

1945-1952 – van der Heem – Service Manager

1952-1957 - Dutch Signal Corps - Head of Repair Bureau

1957 – Moved to Canada. 

1957 – Bay-Bloor Radio – Service Technician

1958 - Decca Navigator - transferred to St. Johns, Newfoundland, just before Computing Devices took over operations.

1958-1962 - Computing Devices (St. John’s) – Station Manager 

1962 – Department of Transport took over and I returned to Ottawa.

1962-1965 – Computing Devices – field assignments – installed four TACAN stations, installed radios in vehicles for RCAF (wrote manuals on that).

1965 - Communications Research Centre (Ottawa) on contract as Supervisor Satellite Control Centre.

1972-1989 - Telesat Canada - Supervisor of the Satellite Control Centre

1989 - Retired


Amateur Radio History
1948 – First licensed as PA0TU. First transmitter was 50 watt 807 with 6L6GT modulator. Antenna was a Zepp, from top of 30 ft pole a two-storey house to the top of a chimney, all in the heart of downtown The Hague. It was quite unique and tuned up very well, if it was not raining. I made my first 80 M phone QSO with a VE1 station. Moved shortly after that to where ham antennas were not possible. Moved again to Canada and had no time or money for ham radio.

1957-1989 – Inactive.
1989 - Bought my first Kenwood handheld and things kind of snowballed from then on. Got my first C64 computer and found soon that CW and the C64 could do things remarkably well together. Then bought a Kenwood R5000 receiver and later a
Kenwood 850 Transceiver.  


Eddy was a member of QCWA and Chapter 70. He was presented with his QCWA “60 Years Licensed” Golden Certificate and lapel pin at the Chapter 70 May 2008 dinner meeting.


I was a regular attendee at the weekly breakfasts in the 1990’s. Now I am without a home and a shack, and I am back to where it all started in 1989 – with my Kenwood Handheld.


Eddy became a Silent Key on August 14, 2015


Biography prepared by VE3XK, assisted by VE3XTU                                                            2010-11-08      Updated 2015-08-17