Jim was born in Scotland but his family emigrated to London, Ontario


Education / Employment History

1914-1918 - Royal Air Force - Jim enlisted with the Signal Corps at the outbreak of WWI. He transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, which became the Royal Air Force. Jim served as a wireless operator and instructor.

1918-1922 - Bell Telephone Company -

1922-1941 - Jim had his own business selling and servicing radios and sound systems.

1941-1961 - National Research Council Radio & Electrical Engineering Div

1961- Retired from National Research Council and joined CJOH-TV on contract in charge of all studio and video equipment installation, with a staff of 22 plus 7 students.


Amateur Radio History

1912 - Jim started experimenting with radio before licensing began. He had a crystal receiver with hand-made coils, headphones and a long-wire antenna. His transmitter was home-made spark coil and a spark gap, powered by storage batteries. Later he built a KW Tesla rotary gap transmitter. Later still he had a Deforest Audion electron tube receiver with a UV-210 Radiotron and motor generator as his transmitter.

1921 - Jim was first licensed as 3VI which later became VE3VI, held until his death.


Jim joined QCWA and Chapter 70 in 1975.

He was presented with his 50 Year pin and Golden Certificate in May 1975.

At the May 1979 Chapter 70 dinner meeting, Jim made an enjoyable presentation on the early days of radio broadcasting and played some recordings of early radio performers.


Jim passed away in 1984


Biography prepared by VE3XK 2010-10-26