Grew up in Ottawa


Education / Employment History

1957 – Graduated from the Ottawa Technical High School with a diploma in Applied Electronics.

1957-1958 – Electronic Materiel International – Technician

1958-1960 – National Research Council – Technician on FERUT Computer (first commercial computer digital computer sold in North America)

1960-1963 – Federal Electric Corporation – Radician (radar technician) on the DEW Line.

1963-1965 – University of Ottawa – Engineering and Physics

1965-1966 – Instronics Limited – Service Department – Technician

1966-1975 – Instronics Techno-Products Ltd – Sales and Engineering Representative, then Field Sales Manager

1975-1980 – Anderson-Jacobson (Canada) Ltd – Vice President & General Manager

1980-1984 – Various sales and sales management positions.

1984 – Self-employed small business owner - sales trainer and sales management consultant.


Amateur Radio History

1957 – First licensed as VE3EBF in Ottawa.

1960 – Operated as VE8SK while on the DEW Line (various sites).

1964 – Back in Ottawa got the call sign VE3BCJ, which I held until VE3UU. I was inactive for most of that period.

2006 – Applied for two-letter call sign VE3UU


Now have a Kenwood TS-2000 and R-8 Vertical Antenna and am working to build my CW skills.


Director of the Diefenbunker Museum and active with the museum club station VE3CWM. I also collect and trades both military surplus radio gear and test equipment, as well as ham radio “boat anchors”.


Member of RAC and WCARC.


Also a member of QCWA and Chapter 70. I served on the Organizing Committee (Printing) for the QCWA 2004 International Convention and was the banquet speaker on “The Diefenbunker and its Cold War Role and the Restoration Efforts”. At the Chapter 70 May 2008 dinner meeting my presentation was “Arctic Adventures From The Coldest Part of the Cold War”, dealing with my time on the DEW Line as their youngest radician. My QCWA “50 Years Licensed” Certificate was presented in November 2010.


Biography prepared by VE3XK with assistance from VE3UU                                                                                                                                  2010-11-19