Education / Employment History


1930 - Bill graduated with “Certificate of Proficiency in Wireless Telegraphy” from Vancouver High School of Commerce “Room 19”

1930-1939 - Bill served as a commercial radio operator aboard 26 vessels from deep-sea tugs to trans-Pacific Empress liners, many of which used spark rigs. He also spent 10 months at a logging camp in the Queen Charlotte Islands during which radio operating was only a minor function.

1939-1964 - Bill joined Trans Canada Airlines (now Air Canada) initially as a radio operator. He served on air/ground and point to point position in Vancouver and Winnipeg and also was posted by TCA to Lethbridge, Alberta and London, England. From 1950-1964 Bill was at TCA HQ in Dorval where he eventually became responsible for all overseas telecommunication services as well as air/ground, teletype switching centre, 700-line switchboard, TV displays throughout the terminal, and VHF equipment in various mobile units.


Amateur Radio History


1933 - Bill was first licensed as VE5KU, and operated using a breadboard 245 tube in TNT circuit.

1934 - When his call sign was cancelled for failure to renew on time, Bill was issued VE5KQ, which he held until WWII broke out.

Successive call signs held after the war were:

1946 - VE6FO Lethbridge

1949 -  G3FFO Cranford, Middlesex near London Airport

1950-1964 - VE2KZ Dorval, Quebec

1964 - VE3BBR Ottawa (inactive)

1979 - VE3BDO Ottawa

1984 - VE3UD (following the death of Bud Punchard VE3UD)

Bill obtained DXCC as VE2KZ while at Dorval.

He was a member of Society of Wireless Pioneers, CRRL, CARF, Champlain Repeater Association and Kingsmere Park-Gatineau Amateur Repeater Association. He was also a member of OARC and served as Groundwave Editor (1983-1985).


Bill spoke at several amateur radio meetings and wrote several articles concerning his interesting experiences.


He was also a member of QCWA and served as President of Chapter 70 (as VE3BDO) 1981-1982.


Bill passed away at Almonte, November 1, 1995 at age 82.  Biography prepared by VE3XK             Updated 2010-11-28