J. C. R. (Bud) Punchard - VE3UD QCWA #8676 (SK)



Education / Employment History


1930-1934 Operated summer commercial CW stations for Ontario Forestry Branch.

1933 - He graduated from University of Toronto as an Electrical Engineer.

1935 - Joined Northern Electric Montreal in Transmitter Development Engineering

1937 - Worked on design of 50 KW stations CBL in Toronto and CBF in Montreal.

1944-1945 - On loan to Research Enterprises Ltd in Toronto on radar development

1950 - Chief Engineer at Northern Electric Belleville Electronics Plant

1954 - Plant Manager of Belleville Electronics Plant

1960 - Bell Northern Research in Ottawa as Director of Research and Apparatus Development

1971 - Executive Officer - Bell Northern Research

1973 - Assistant Vice President Government Liaison Bell Northern Research


Amateur Radio History


1926 - First licensed as C3CJ. On 40M CW with 2010 Hartley circuit, Marconi antenna with counterpoise and two-tube regenerative receiver.

1928 - UX210 oscillator with 750V from a lead-aluminum-borax rectifier and hand-wound transformer.

1929 - some 20M phone with an absorption microphone

1935 - 1939 Operated 20M CW as VE2KK until war broke out.

1946 - 1950 operated from Belleville as VE3YP

1950 - changed call sign to VE3UD. Ran 20M CW exclusively with home-brew 813 rig and home-brew receiver until moving to Ottawa in 1960.

1960 - In Ottawa, he became even more active on 20M CW.

1970 - Finally went SSB with Collins S-line station 1 KW PEP, all HF bands with various quads, yagis, wire loops. Now he had more time for nets, dx, and rag-chewing.

1974 - Bud joined QCWA and was one of the 21 Charter members of Chapter 70.

1975 - Bud was working on an 80M beam and satellite (OSCAR) equipment.

One of the 21 Chapter 70 Charter Members

1975-1976 With Ken Scrivens VE3LJ, one of the first two Chapter 70 Directors

1977-1979 Chapter 70 President


Passed away March 9, 1982.


Biography prepared by VE3XK with assistance from VE3AAS 2010-10-25