Grew up in Nova Scotia


Education / Employment History

1939 – Dalhousie University (Halifax) – Graduated with B Sc (Electrical Engineering)

1940-1945 – Royal Canadian Air Force – with RAF radar. Posted to UK, Iceland and US.

1945-1981 – Bell Telephone – Telecom Engineering 

1946-1949 – While with Bell attended McGill University – Graduated with B Eng degree (Electrical Engineering).

        1952 – Posted to NATO Brussels, Belgium

        1960 – Posted to New Jersey to work on modernizing military telecommunications and the telephone network

        1981 - Retired from Bell

1981-1986 – Victrix Ltd (Guelph) – Vice President of Engineering.    


Amateur Radio History

1934 – First licensed in Halifax, Nova Scotia and operated as VE1HK until WW II broke out.

1946 – VE2PZ in Montreal.

1960 - Operated as VE2PZ/W2 while posted by Bell to New Jersey WHEN?

1948 – VE0MDG

1952 – ON8TT in Brussels, Belgium

1960 – VK3CCI in Sydney, Australia.

19XX – Obtained two-letter call sign VE3TT


Main amateur radio interests: rag-chewing and DX.


Member of Pioneers Amateur Radio Club and Ottawa Amateur Radio Club.


Also member of QCWA and Chapter 70. Presented with his QCWA “75 Years Licensed” plaque and lapel pin at the Chapter 70 February 2009 dinner meeting, and his QCWA Century Certificate at the Chapter 70 May 2010 dinner meeting.


Barc passed away on April 7, 2012 at age 92 years.


Biography prepared by VE3XK with assistance from VE3TT    2010-11-20.     Updated 2015/02/18