Education / Employment History


1941-1973 - Royal Canadian Mounted Police. During his RCMP career Warren graduated from Canadian Police College. He held a Second Class Certificate of Proficiency in Radiotelegraphy. From 1947 he was in Telecommunications and in 1973 was Director of Telecommunications at RCMP HQ. While with RCMP:

1958-1974 - He was a member of Canadian Radio Technical Planning Board and Vice President the last six years.

1958-1974 - Member of Associated Public Safety Communications Officers.

1973 - Warren retired from RCMP with the rank of Chief Superintendent and the 20 Year Service and Good Conduct Medal with Bronze and Silver Clasps.


Amateur Radio History


1946 - First licensed as VE6KX in Calgary and later Edmonton, Alberta

While in Calgary he was Manager and Past Vice President Calgary Amateur Radio Association. While in Edmonton he was President of the Northern Alberta Radio Association.

1958 - Moved to Ottawa. Assigned VE3CPA. Obtained VE3RU in mid-70s.


He was active in later years mostly on 2M FM and 20M SSB and CW. He held DXCC, WAS, WAC and A1 Operator awards.


He joined QCWA in 1975 and was a member and regular attendee of the Chapter 70 quarterly dinner meetings


Warren passed away November 5, 1992