Education / Employment History

1942-1948 Canadian Army Signals

1948-1952 Computing Devices of Canada First employee.

1952-1959 Electronic Materiels International

1959-1963 Purdue University Indiana. Graduated with BSEE

1971 - University of Ottawa. Graduated with M Sc

1971 - until retirement Algonquin College Head of Electricity Dept


Amateur Radio History


1940 First amateur radio licence.

1940-1945 Off-air during WWII years.

1946 - Assigned VE3BCN in 1946.

1947-1948 Operated as VE4AA in Churchill, Manitoba while with Canadian Army Signals.

1948 - Assigned VE3RF on return to Ottawa

1959-1963 - Operated portable W9 in Indiana while at university.

1963-1965 - Operated portable W2 in Batavia, NY

1965 Obtained Advanced and Digital licenses.

1948 was the first licensee of VE3RC (Ottawa Amateur Radio Club)

1971 licensee of Algonquin College station VE3FYO

Bob's death was recorded in The Canadian Amateur of August, 1990


Biography prepared by VE3XK Updated 2015-02-19