Grew up in Iroquois Falls, Ontario.


Education / Employment History


1952 - 1956 - Queen's University - Graduated with the degree B Sc in Engineering Physics.

1958 - 1962 - Imperial College (London, England) - Graduated with the PhD degree from the University of London, England.

1962 - 1995 - Communications Research Centre (Ottawa) - became specialized in space radiation damage to satellites. Has published 50 papers on the subject. While at CRC had joint research programs with Sandia National Labs (USA), Brunel University (UK) and Hahn-Meitner Institut (Germany), and represented Canada on a number of international committees, mostly on radiation effects on semiconductors. Also while at CRC was seconded to Canadian Defence Research staff in London, England (1968 - 1971).

1995 - Retired and no longer has any spare time.


Amateur Radio History


1947 - First licensed as VE3BTG while in high school. He progressed from a crystal-controlled 6L6 to a pair of 814's running 500 Watts, During this time he worked 120 countries and prizes his VK1PG QSL card from Heard Island, who requested his card.

1952-1956 - At Queen's University operated the club station VE3VX.

1958-1962 - At Imperial College operated the club station G5YC.

1963-1993 - Inactive

1993 - Obtained call sign VE3QAA. Main interest has been DXing and contesting, with major emphasis on 160M. Has 28 acres and Beverage receiving antennas for eight directions, with many kilometres of radials (site of a future copper mine)? For transmitting has three-element parasitic arrays for six directions. Now has over 230 entities worked and 226 confirmed on 160M CW. On the HF bands has a double-wire rhombic 400 ft per leg atop four 100 ft towers.  Looking forward to the day when construction projects are complete and have some time for writing for ham publications.


Member of QCWA and Chapter 70. Gave a presentation on "160 Metre Operation" at the Chapter 70 May 2004 dinner meeting and one on "Reversible Rhombic Antennas" at the Oct 15-17 2004 QCWA Convention. Received QCWA "60 Years Licensed" Golden Certificate and lapel pin at the Chapter 70 May 2007 dinner meeting.


Biography prepared by VE3XK with assistance from VE3QAA.                                                                                                                                  Updated 2010-12-07