Education / Employment History

Mid-30’s - Charles graduated with a degree in engineering.

Pre-WWII - Canadian Westinghouse (Hamilton) - Charles was employed as an engineer working on electronics

1940 - Royal Canadian Air Force - He enlisted at the outbreak of war and soon was in England taking a radar course in preparation for posting

1941 - Posted to Egypt and Aden.

1946 - Posted to Germany

Charles’ RCAF career continued in Canada, where (as a Group Captain) he headed one section at Air Materiel Command in Ottawa.

1965 – Charles retired with the rank of Air Commodore.


Amateur Radio History

1932 - He was first licensed as VE3OJ

1946 - While posted to Germany, Charles operated as D2OJ

Charles enjoyed most amateur radio activities, except DX, but particularly liked VHF and QRP.

He told a story of how Noel Eaton - VE3CJ, Fred Hammond - VE3HC and he, all enthusiastic VHF users, gave a demonstration of the capabilities of the old 5M band to a group of high-ranking RCAF officers in the late 1930’s to convince them to start using VHF in place of HF equipment aboard aircraft.


Charles became a Silent Key March 11, 2002.


Biography prepared by VE3XK   Updated March, 2015.