Education / Employment History

1941-1945 - Bill graduated from Queen’s University with BSc in Electrical Engineering.

1947-1954 - He was with Department of Transport (Ottawa) as a marine radio engineer.

1954-1957 - DOT Engineer-in-Charge of the development of standards on the technical suitability of radio equipment for radio station licensing in Canada.

1957-1958 - Attended National Defence College - International Political Science

1960 - Appointed Superintendent, Radio Regulations Section.

1962 - Assigned the sub-allocation of the 40M band for Canadian phone and CW operation.

1962 - Assigned responsibility for Canada’s participation in the work of the International Telecommunications Union in Geneva.

From 1959-1975 Bill represented Canada at thirteen ITU Conferences, was Chairman of the Administrative Council Session of 1968 and represented Canada on bilateral discussions on all aspects of radio, primarily with the US. In the 1960’s Bill, with others, was responsible for the adoption of international frequency allocations for the amateur satellite service, and guidelines for the use of amateur radio repeaters in Canada.

1968 - Director-General Telecommunications Regs, Department of Communications.

1973 - Established the Radio Spectrum Policy Branch.

1978 - Retired from the Public Service.

1980-1984 - Vice-President of the Canadian Radio Technical Planning Board (now Radio Advisory Board of Canada - RABC).

1994 - Co-drafted a proposed joint Canada-US Frequency Coordination Agreement on amateur sharing with land mobile users of the 220-222 MHz band.


Amateur Radio History

1939 - Bill received his first Amateur Operator Certificate of Proficiency.

1948 - Received his first station licence with call sign VE3BUZ.

1978-1981 - President of the Canadian Amateur Radio Federation.

1980 - In conjunction with Bob Benson, counsel for CRRL, Bill was successful in having the Tariff Board drop import duties on amateur radio equipment.


Bill was more interested in building radio gear than in operating, but in 1997 he wrote “Guidelines for the Radio Amateur” to try to improve on-air conduct.

Bill was elected to the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame in 1998.

He joined QCWA and Chapter 70, and received his Century Certificate and 60 pin and Golden Certificate at the Chapter 70 May 2008 dinner meeting


Bill passed away January 27, 2010 at the age of 88 years


Biography prepared by VE3XK with extracts from earlier obituaries                       2010-10-28