Ken grew up in Ottawa, and received initial technician training at Ottawa Technical High School.



1940- Royal Canadian Air Force pre-enlistment Radio Mechanic (Technician) Training.

1941-1946 - Royal Canadian Air Force Radar Mechanic (Technician) Training followed by field postings to Halifax (200 MHz 1 KW Night Watchman surface warning radar system), Cape Bauld, Newfoundland ( to set up No 30 Radar Detachment) and other Atlantic coastal stations, followed by installation of a more advanced radar in  the UK.

1946-1986 - National Research Council - Radio & Electrical Engineering, Navy Section as a Technician. Ken worked on radar counter-measures, and in the 50’s on counter-measures for the Mid-Canada Line. This involved travel on a large truck fitted with transmitters and receivers for which Ken was responsible. He also flew in a similarly equipped RCAF Dakota aircraft. In 1960, Ken was now a Senior Technical Officer and was given responsibility for developing instrumentation for the Black Brant series of upper-atmosphere rockets being launched at Churchill, Manitoba. He also worked on building the telemetry ground station and data processing station at NRC. Around 1980, Ken was transferred to the new Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, where he worked until retirement in 1986. Throughout his career Ken was a technical resource for all the NRC technicians.



1946-1959  First licensed as VE3AFO. Operated a home-brewed pair of 807 tubes and Hallicrafters S-40 receiver - mostly CW on 40M.

1959-1972 Passed Advanced examination and was able to run HF AM. Also ran an SCR-522 on 2M AM as well as home-brewed 10M AM and 75M mobile rigs.

1972 - applied for two-letter call sign and was assigned VE3LJ.


From then on Ken acquired various pieces of commercial gear and was using SSB and operating all bands. He was an early 2M repeater user.


Ken was a Life Member of ARRL, a member of Radio Society of Ontario and a subscribing patron of Canadian Amateur Radio Federation.


He joined QCWA and assembled the twenty-one local amateurs who became the Charter Members of Chapter 70. Ken was the first President of Chapter 70 1974-1975, and served as Director for four separate terms from 1975 through 2001. He received his Century Certificate at the November 2005 dinner meeting and his 60 Year Licensed” Golden Certificate and lapel pin at the May 2006 dinner meeting.


Ken passed away on July 30, 2010 at the age of 89 years.


Biography prepared by VE3XK with significant assistance by VE3PU                                       2010-10-28