Luc Pernot VE3JGL QCWA #36674

Luc grew up in the Ottawa area.


Education / Employment History

1978-1980 - Algonquin College - Electronic Engineering Technician Diploma

1980-2012 - Canadian Television Network (CJOH-TV) part of Bell Media

1980-1983 - Central Equipment Area Maintenance Technician - shift work

1983-1984 General Maintenance Technician

1984-1986 Studio Systems Maintenance Technician also required technical support during Live and Recorded Studio Productions.

1986-2012 Transmitter Maintenance Technician, responsible for the alignment, repair and maintenance of Microwave Radio Systems, TV RF Power Transmitters serving the coverage area of CJOH-TV (Ottawa, Cornwall, Montreal West, Kingston, Belleville, Pembroke).

2002 - Promoted to Transmitter Maintenance Supervisor.

Courses at CTV: 1985 - Chyron Character Generation Equipment; 1998 - Larcan TT10 Series Transmitters; 2008 - Tandberg Satellite Transmission Encoder and Decoder Systems, 2011 - Harris Digital Television Transmitters

2012 Retired from CTV

2015-2015 - AVB Integration Services Inc.- Upgrading the system core of the House of Commons from Standard Definition TV to High Definition TV.


Amateur Radio History
1990 - First licensed as VE3LJC. Then acquired VA3LUP and now VE3JGL

Station includes: Yaesu FT-857D remote-controlled with Ham Radio Deluxe and Skype.

Also have Kenwood TS-830S and TS130S transceivers.

Antennas: M2 20M4DX 4 Element Monoband yagi at 16M, and W8NX 40-80-160M Inverted V.

Interests: Building amateur radio equipment, transmitters, amplifiers, transverters. Also Alpine skiing, Golf and Motor Mechanics

Member of VE2CRO, VE2REH and VE3RIX clubs.

2015 Joined QCWA and Chapter 70. Awarded 25 Year Licensed pin at May 2016 Dinner Meeting.


Biography prepared by VE3JGL and VE3XK 2016-05-18