Gerry grew up in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.


Education / Employment History

During his career in Ottawa, Gerry worked at a federal government lab, at CJOH-TV, and as a high school shop teacher. He also taught amateur radio evening courses at Algonquin College. His students still rave about his lectures, and the devices and techniques he used to get and keep their attention. His course graduates number over 600 local radio amateurs!


Amateur Radio History

Gerry was so anxious to get his amateur radio licence, he drove 140 miles round trip for his lessons and CW practice.

1951 - He was licensed as VE2WK in 1951

1952 - In Ottawa, Gerry became VE3BST, then VE3LX, and later VE3GK.

Gerry’s initial enthusiasm has stayed with him through his hundreds of amateur radio projects. Over more than fifty years he has built everything in amateur radio - countless power supplies, linear amplifiers, SSB transceivers, telescopic and rotating towers, and those huge antennas that impressed the most jaded. They all contributed to that commanding “Golden Kilowatt” signal, famous around the world. 


His many articles in “The Canadian Amateur” magazine, including the “Gain Game” columns, have inspired many Canadian amateurs to build their own equipment and antennas. 


He was also a member of OVMRC and served as VP (1961) and President (1963) ands Technical Advisor (1968). He also gave several talks on his projects at Ottawa Amateur Radio Club.


Gerry was also an accomplished pianist and popular speaker. He combined both at a memorable Radio Amateurs of Canada National Board Meeting when he wrapped up his presentation by pulling over the corner piano and tossing off a rollicking boogie-woogie piano number to a standing ovation.


Gerry joined QCWA and gave a memorable presentation on some of his projects at the QCWA Convention in 1996 and another presentation on a linear amplifier at the QCWA Convention in 2000. His “50 Year Licensed” Golden Certificate and lapel pin were presented at the September 2002 dinner meeting. He served as President of Chapter 70 2001-2004 and died while in office. 


Gerry passed away September 7, 2004 at age 73 years


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