Education / Employment History

Keith started as a technician working in a Radio-TV service shop in Belleville, Ontario.

1948 - 1988 Keith began a forty-year career at the Defence Research Board Communications Laboratory at Shirley’s Bay in Ottawa (later to be Department of Communications). He became a Technical Officer and worked in the fields of radio propagation studies and computers in Ottawa, at the Prince Albert, Saskatchewan laboratory and research stations in the high Arctic. While at CRC, Keith took evening classes at Carleton University and graduated with a BSc in Mathematics and Physics. Henceforth he was employed as a Research Scientist.


Amateur Radio History

While in high school, Keith was already building short-wave radios.

1947 - He was first licensed as VE3BPQ. His initial station was partly home-brewed and partly converted war surplus equipment.

1960-1965 – He operated as VE5KE in Prince Albert.

1965 - On return to Ottawa was assigned the call sign VE3GFI.


Keith participated in Field Days, provided communications for various rallies, and the Canadian Ski Marathon. He built a very effective full-wave 40M loop around his back yard that was effective in working the Snowbirds in Florida on SSB during the winters. He also was a regular on the Chapter 70 2M FM Net and ran an automatic packet station


Keith was a member of Ottawa Amateur Radio Club and served as a Director. He was also a Life Member of QCWA and gave an impressive 1992 presentation showing his colour slides on the High Arctic. Keith also often attended QCWA Chapter 73 meetings to join his brother Carl - VE3DZB of Gravenhurst, a member of that chapter.


Keith served as Chapter 70 Secretary-Treasurer in 1994-1997, Director in 1998-1999, and Treasurer in 2001-2004. Keith also created our first Chapter 70 web site and served as the Chapter 70 Web Master. During that period Keith was at most QCWA events with camera in hand taking event photos for the web site. He even attended a number of the QCWA conventions and became well-known among the international attendees. He was presented with his “60 Year Licensed” Golden Certificate and lapel pin at the May 2007 dinner meeting and the Century Certificate at the May 2008 dinner meeting.


Keith was also an accomplished pianist. His sing-songs were very popular among residents at the local retirement homes and his home-baked cookies and butter tarts were very popular at a number the Chapter 70 Executive meetings held at his home.


Keith passed away on December 9, 2009 at age 83 years.


Prepared by VE3XK                                                                2010-11-06