Born in the Eastern Townships of Quebec


Education / Employment History

1954-1964 - Royal Canadian Navy - Communications Research Operator.
1965-1969 - Royal Canadian Navy - Technician - Worked on everything from IC digital crypto gear to 10 KW SSB Transmitters. Left with rank of Petty Officer.

1970-1975 - Data Equipment Manufacturing Co. (NR Systems Ltd) - Engineering Section - developing new products and improving old ones. 

1975–1980 – Royal Canadian Mounted Police - HQ Telecoms Branch - part of the CRC design team tasked with the development of a digital voice privacy system. I was working on VHF/UHF voice privacy radio systems. This lasted two years. They went to an off the shelf system from GE & Motorola.

1980-1992 - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - "A" Division - IC Radio Workshop where I was successful at setting up VHF repeaters at most of the Northern Ontario detachments, complete with Telephone Interconnect (phone patches were considered amateurish).

1992-1994 - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Electronics Security, IC Rapid Deployment Team. My last job was VIP Security at the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria BC

1994 - Retired to Kelowna, BC for ten years before moving back to Ottawa.


Amateur Radio History

First licensed in 1965.

Advanced in 1966.

Over the years have had these call signs: VE1HP, VE2PG, VE3CAI, VE8YG and am currently the holder of VE3FNG, VE7TSF and VA7TSF.


Member of OVMRC and served as Secretary (1974), and the working committee of CPCARC as well as OCARC in Kelowna.


Currently playing with all aspects of ham radio, and volunteering at community services.


Had to leave my motorcycle behind when I left BC in 2007, so more time for amateur radio. Also do EchoLink, eQSO, IRLP, APRS and love the ham radio social activities.


I am a member of QCWA and Chapter 70 and received my QCWA “35 Years Licensed” lapel pin at the Chapter 70 May 2008 dinner meeting.


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