Bill was a native of Ireland, and received his education there.


Education / Employment History

1960-1995 - Bill was an accountant for Levinson-Viner Ltd, an Ottawa property management company. He retired in 1995.


Amateur Radio History

1948 – Bill was first licensed as EI5X in Ireland.

1960 – On immigration to Canada he received call sign VE3FGW held from then on.

Bill also held the call sign EI4VMI, a visitor call sign that he used on occasional visits home to Ireland.

He operated 40 through 10M and 2M FM. Bill liked to work DX but was limited by antenna size in his urban lot, but a min-beam helped solve that problem.

Bill was Treasurer of Radio Amateurs of Canada from July 1999 to December 2003.

Joined QCWA and Chapter 70 in 1998 and received his “55 Year Licensed” Golden Certificate and lapel pin at the Chapter 70 September 2003 dinner meeting.


Bill became a Silent Key on Jan 30, 2007 at age 77.


Biography prepared by VE3XK                                                                                                                                                                        2010-10-27