Shep grew up in the Mimico area of Toronto, Ontario


Education / Employment History

1929-1951 - Royal Canadian Navy – Boy Seaman, Wireless Operator, Telegraphist.

1951- Retired from RCN as a Chief Petty Officer

1951-1957 - Defence Research Board, Naval Research Establishment (Dartmouth, NS). Served on the underwater physics team on several ships.

1957 - posted to Washington, DC

1961 - posted to Ottawa – with the International Programs Section.

1975 - Retired


Amateur Radio History

1946 - First licensed as VE1RR in Halifax

1947 - Passed Advanced Certificate of Proficiency Examination

1948 - Active on 20M and with Halifax ARC

1948 - Appointed an ARRL OBS

1948 - Emergency Coordinator for the Maritimes.

1957 - 1961 - Operated as VE1RR/W4 in Arlington, VA.

1961 - Assigned the call sign VE3EZY in Ottawa. Became active in the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club. He came under the influence of Burt Coy - VE3GI, in Shep’s opinion "one of Canada’s finest traffic-men", and was a traffic-man ever since.

1967 - Applied for two-letter call sign and received VE3DV

1970 - 1974 - Elected Section Communications Manager for Ontario (two terms)


Shep was active on the air on all HF bands and on 2M FM.  He participated in the 1974 Car Rally communications and the 1974 Joint Meeting in Ottawa, attended by the US Ambassador William Porter W3AAC/VE3.


His traffic-handling achieved BPL awards on a number of occasions.


Shep joined QCWA and was one of the twenty-one Charter Members of Chapter 70.


He passed away April 10, 2007 after a lengthy convalescence in Ottawa nursing homes.


Biography prepared by VE3XK with assistance from VE3BBM     2010-10-27  Updated 2015-02-25 with help of VE3FFK