George grew up in Vancouver.

Education / Employment History

1936-1940 - George was at sea as a marine radio officer and served aboard six merchant ships in this period. He survived the sinking of the “SS Lisieux” in the Atlantic in 1940. George received the “SOS-CQD Award” from the Society of Wireless Pioneers. 
1941-1945- Royal Canadian Navy He was commissioned in 1941 and served in the RCNVR until 1945. He remained on the Retired List as a Lieutenant Commander RCN(R) until 1958. He was “Mentioned in Dispatches” for mine recovery operations off Halifax in 1943.
National Defence College.
1946-1949 - University of British Columbia – B.A., B.Comm, M.A.(Economics). He also served as an Instructor at the Radio Communications Centre Room 19 in Vancouver. 
1949-1955 - Economist in the Canadian Maritime Comission in Ottawa.
1955-1958 - Economist in the Department of Transport in Ottawa.
1958-1969 - Transportation Policy Advisor and Director of Trade Services in the Department of Trade and Commerce. For many years, he represented Canada in shipping committees of UNCTAD and OECD and was a member of the St. Lawrence Seaway Joint Tolls Advisory Board. He retired as Assistant Director General, Transportation Services Branch.
1979-1989 - After retiring from the federal Public Service, he represented Montreal Shipping Inc in Ottawa for ten years.

Amateur Radio History

1932 - First licensed as VE5GS in Vancouver.
1946 - Relicensed as VE7GS in Vancouver
1949 - Moved to Ottawa and inactive in amateur radio for 23 years
1972 - Relicensed as VE3DMC in Ottawa.
Active on the HF bands. DXCC, WAS, WAZ, QCWA Gold Award.

Member of ARRL, OARC, RSO, Society of Wireless Pioneers, Royal Navy Amateur Radio Society and RAC.
One of the Charter Members of QCWA Chapter 70 in 1974.
Served as President 1976/77, Secretary 1984-86 and Historian 1987-91.
Prepared the first Chapter 70 History in 1987, updated in 1990.
George was a regular participant in the QCWA QSO Parties and exhorted others to participate and enjoy themselves.
He was a speaker on several occasions:
1977 - At the February meeting he spoke on "The Literature of Amateur Radio Operating", reading excerpts from several published works.
1989 - At the Spring meeting he spoke on the history of Chapter 70 over the previous fifteen years.
1991 - At the March meeting he spoke on "Room 19 and The Old Man" - stories of the Vancouver Radio Communication Centre training setup.
1992 - At the November meeting he spoke on "The First Trans-Atlantic Radio Signals in 1903" and then current activities to celebrate the 90th anniversary.

George's son is Chapter 70 member Duncan Schuthe VE3GXU.

George passed away at home Oct 26,1995.

Biography prepared by VE3XK 2005. Updated 2014