Helen Hagan VE3BNZ  QCWA # 35954

Born in Newfoundland and raised in Montreal Quebec


Education / Employment History

1945– Graduated high school.

1945–1980 Secretarial positions in Montreal.

1978-1981-Assistant to the Manager, then Manager of a stevedoring/steamship company serving the lower Quebec North Shore from Sept Iles to Blanc Sablon.

1982-1985 Administrative positions with Government of Alberta in Edmonton.


Amateur Radio History

1970– First licensed as VE2ENL

Net control operator and other activities with Club de Sept Iles (VE2CSI)

1982– Assigned call sign VE6BNZ in Edmonton. Active with Northern Alberta Radio Club.

1984- Net Control Operator using 80 operators during Pope’s Visit

1986– Assigned VE3BNZ after move to Westport, ON.

Active in Lanark/North Leeds ARES Group.


Joined QCWA and Chapter 70 in 2012.


Helen passed away Dec 18, 2015.


Biography prepared by VE3XK with help from VE3BNZ Sept 23, 2012       Updated Dec 20, 2015