Gerry was born and grew up in Montreal.


Education / Employment History

1936-1941- He worked at National Research Council, Division of Biology

1941-1945 - Gerry joined the Royal Canadian Air Force as a PO. After radar training in the United Kingdom he was posted to Malta to run AMES Kaura Point, one of the five radar stations that played such a large role in saving Malta. He and the other military and civilians had many hungry days during the Malta blitz and blockade, when the Axis Powers tried to stop the Malta-based interdiction of supplies to Rommel.

1945-1981 - He returned to National Research Council, Division of Biological Sciences.


Amateur Radio History

1935 - First license issued. Gerry’s primary interest then was VHF operation. His first contact was across Ottawa (about 10 miles) on the prewar 56 MHz (5M) band.


Gerry also worked on the prewar 112 - 118 MHz (2.5M) band until, on September 5 1939, all amateur radio stations were ordered silenced for the duration of World War II.


1956 - He came back on the air as VE3AGU with new VHF bands and equipment.


Gerry’s primary interest in VHF and solar activity continued.


Gerry was a member of Ottawa Amateur Radio Club and forerunner OARTA. He served as OARTA Vice President (1936), OARC Treasurer (1948-1949) and Secretary (1960-1961).


He joined QCWA in 1991 and was member of Chapter 70. Gerry was presented his “50 Year Licensed” Golden Certificate and lapel pin at the September 1995 dinner meeting. He was a regular attendee at dinner meetings and the weekly breakfasts in the 1990’s.


Following his death, his sons Ken and Peter donated Gerry’s amateur radio gear and parts to Chapter 70 and the proceeds were donated, on Gerry’s behalf, to the QCWA Memorial Scholarship Fund, the RAC Foundation, the Defence of Amateur Radio Fund, Radio Amateurs of Canada and QCWA Chapter 70.


Gerry passed away on January 23, 1999


Biography prepared by VE3XK, with assistance from VE3PU and VE3DY                                                                                                                        Updated 2015-02-19