Education / Employment History


1927 – Obtained Second Class Certificate (commercial)

1927 – Employed as Wireless operator on several Great Lakes freighters

1928 – CN Telegraph (Montreal) – employed as Multiplex Mechanic

1929-1971 – Northern Electric – employed as a field motion picture projector and sound system technician, covering all of Eastern Ontario.

1971 – Retired (but still doing the odd job for Northern)


Amateur Radio History


1920 – Attempts to pick up long wave stations using crystal detector and loose coupler (not too successful)

1923 – Now into tubes – NE R-215 “Peanut”, WD-11, UV-199 etc. Joined ARRL and working hard at Morse code.

1925 – first licensed as 3XM. On air with “Flying Boat” dynamotor, but graduated to chemical rectifier.

1928 – In Montreal assigned call sign 2BX

1929 – Back in Ottawa as 3XM. VE prefix added to make it VE3XM.

1969 – Relinquished VE3XM when planning a retirement to BC, but moved to Merrickville, Ontario instead.

1974 – Obtained VE3AG after a brief period of inactivity since VE3XM.


Jack was active on 2M FM but also equipped for HF bands. He was a member of Ottawa Amateur Radio Club.


He was also a member of QCWA and Chapter 70.


Jack passed away April 7, 1993 at the age of 87 years.