Grew up in Chicago, Illinois


Education / Employment History

1942-1943 – US War Department (Washington, DC) – civilian radio operator at Station WAR.

1943-1946 – US Army Signal Corps – served in Florida, Papua-New Guinea and Philippines.

1946-1986 – Illinois State Police – Radio – Began as CW radio operator/technician on ISP circuits. Later, voice radio dispatcher function was added.

1947-1952 – American Radio Relay League – part-time writer-editor, while still with Illinois State Police

1952-1954 - American Radio Relay League – Newington, Connecticut – custodian of Station W1AW.

1954-1978 - American Radio Relay League – columnist “How’s DX?” in QST, while back with Illinois State Police. Coined terms 'Elmer' and 'DXpedition'.

1986 – Retired from Illinois State Police.

2004-2009 – Wrote monthly column in “K9YA Telegraph” e-zine, and appointed Contributing Editor in 2008.


Amateur Radio History

1937 – First licensed as W9BRD in Chicago, Illinois. Held that call sign until death.

1952-1954 – assigned callsign W1VMW while at ARRL HQ.

1954 – back in Illinois with original call sign W9BRD.

1984 – Elected CQ DX Hall of Fame.

1994 – Invited to speak at W9DXCC banquet.

1997 – Moved to Canada and married Betty VE3ZBB.

2000 - Received matching Canadian call sign VA3ZBB.

Active in Ottawa on HF CW and 2M FM. Regular at weekly breakfasts until Sept 2009.

Holds ARRL 55 WPM Certificate.

Member of RAC, ARRL, OARC, OVMRC, CRRA, FISTS and Morse Telegraph Club.

Member of QCWA and Chapter 70. Was presented with QCWA QCWA “70 Years Licensed” Golden Certificate and lapel pin at the Chapter 70 May 2007 dinner meeting and the QCWA Century Certificate at the Chapter 70 May 2010 dinner meeting.


Rod passed away Nov 19, 2012

Biography prepared by VE3XK with assistance from VA3ZBB and VE3ZBB  2010-12-12