QCWA Chapter 70

Luncheon Meeting – 21 February 2012

Robbies Spaghetti House

Walkley Road, Ottawa


Dave Conn VE3KL called the meeting to order at 12 pm.


Dave Conn VE3KL introduced the head table.


Dave Conn VE3KL asked for approval of the minutes of the Tuesday November 15 2011 dinner meeting.  Moved by Dick Bonnycastle VE3FUA, seconded by David Parks VE3AV, CARRIED


Dave Conn VE3KL reported on the audit of financial records for 2009 and 2010 which were audited with no problems reported by David Parks (2009) and Joan Powell (2010).


David Parks VE3AV provided a secretary’s report on behalf of Norm Rashleigh VE3LC who is vacationing in Florida.  Norm had attended Hamcation, an Orlando area hamfest and reported that the people at the QCWA table still fondly remember Croft Taylor now a SK.  It was further reported that some 40 Chapter 70 members responded to the survey of interest in relaxing time licensed criteria for membership in QCWA Intl.  Some 70 percent of respondents were in favour of some form of relaxed membership criteria.

Acceptance of the report was Moved by David Parks VE3AV, seconded by Bob MacKenzie VA3RKM CARRIED


Dick Bonnycastle VE3FUA provided a financial report with Chapter 70 still having a healthy bank balance.  Acceptance Moved by Dick Bonnycastle VE3FUA, seconded by Bob MacKenzie VA3RKM CARRIED


Richard Ferch VE3KI advised that there were no sicknesses or deaths reported since the November meeting.


Richard Ferch VE3KI presented the 2011 Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame award to Jack Belrose VE2CV in recognition of his distinguished years of research in Radio Communications and his contributions to the Amateur Radio hobby.


Jack Belrose VE2CV made a brief acceptance speech in which he thanked QCWA Chapter 70 for the nominaton, and drew parallels between his accomplishments and other researchers making similar findings.  Jack’s first article in QST (1953) on short antennas for mobile operation was fundamental research and is still referred to by many amateurs.


Following lunch, Dave Conn VE3KL introduced Doug Leach VE3XK who spoke on the topic  “Ground Mounted Vertical Antennas – Dispelling Radial Misconceptions and Looking at the New 43’ Multi-band Verticals”.  Richard Ferch VE3KI thanked Doug for his most interesting and well-researched presentation.


Dave Conn VE3KL, assisted by Doug Leach VE3XK, conducted the selection of winning tickets for the door prizes and 50/50 draw.  The door prize winners were George Roach VE3BNO, Jack Belrose VE2CV and Ron Powers VE3FIN.  The 50/50 winner was Don Dashney VE3RM.


Dave Conn VE3KL announced the next dinner meeting will be on May 15 2012 at Robbies Spaghetti House.  It will be the Spouses’ Night.


Dave Conn VE3KL adjourned the meeting at 2 pm.




Minutes prepared by:

Dave Parks, VE3AV