Chapter 70 Silent Key and Living Biographies


If we have some facts or dates incorrect, or you can add some useful material, including a better photo, please e-mail the Webmaster.


Biographies are provided only for those who are/were members of QCWA (indicated by a QCWA Number) in addition to Chapter 70, as others did not complete a full application form so we have no information on which to base a biography. 


Because some of our biographies can be quite lengthy and others very short, we decided to adopt a uniform format comprising Education and Employment History and Amateur Radio History. In many cases, to fit all the information onto the screen, point form is used as opposed to lengthier prose. 


In some cases the biography includes mention of other interests and other hobbies, where that seems important to show the whole person.


Reference to family members in the biographies has been omitted unless they were active licensed radio amateurs. This should not be interpreted as a slight to those involved.  


We hope that the Silent Key biographies are a record of the member's life that their amateur radio friends can use to remember them and their contribution to amateur radio.